Steel Drum Reconditioning Services

Astron Sustainability provides 205 litre steel drum reconditioning and disposal services, based on approved and environmentally sound processes. Astron Sustainability can offer complete site management and innovative systems that are capable of producing a reconditioned steel drum to the highest standards in Australia.

Astron Sustainability services offers reconditioning services for both Closed Head Drum and Open Head Drums.


  • Automated laser guided drum wash
  • Progressive draining
  • Pre-washing
  • Caustic washing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Drying

Additional services:

  • Painting – durable and a variety of colours
  • Company logo silk screening
  • Shot blasted clean
  • Stripping the drum bare to original metal
  • Food grade lining optional
  • Range of polyethylene drum liners
  • Palletising


Astron Sustainability’s drum burnout furnace allows for reconditioned full open head drums as well as those that may have contained products such as inks, resins, paints, that can’t be cleaned by the standard methods. Astron Sustainability can recondition drums that may otherwise have been disposed of in a non-environmentally acceptable manner.

Additional components:

  • Lids
  • Locking rings
  • Inner lining – epoxy finish
  • Re-roll neck