Astron manufactures recycled resin from pre & post consumer waste from numerous sources throughout Australasia. Material is taken through extensive processing resulting in the creation of single polymer type resin in various melt flow index’s (MFI) such as HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene. Astron is considered a leader in both quality and volume in Australasia.

Astron provides various recycled resin grades and leads the market in quality as a result of its highly experienced people, state of the art extrusion & washing equipment. Standard recycled resins manufactured by Astron are;

  • Injection grade Polypropylene
  • Injection grade HDPE
  • Extrusion grade LDPE
  • Extrusion grade HDPE
  • Roto grade LLDPE

Working alongside clients to facilitate recycled resin into their supply chain is another strength of Astron. Post Consumer Recycled ( PCR ) food grade resin in both PET & HDPE is also available from Astron.

What can recycled resin be re-made into?

Astron’s recycled resin is used in producing the following products throughout Australia and New Zealand:

  • Polyethylene irrigation pipe
  • Drainage systems
  • Manual handling equipment including Bins, Tubs and Crates
  • Pot plants
  • Bar Chairs for the construction industry
  • Film
  • Air-conditioning ducts
  • Communication pits
  • Injection moulded components
  • Household Garbage bins (Wheelie Bins)