Astron manufacture plastic sheet products for improved materials handling. Our slip sheets are a lightweight, space saving, hygienic alternative to wooden pallets. The use of our slip sheets improve efficiencies in handling and transportation as they reduce freight cost per unit of product.

Astron slip sheets assist our clients in the following ways;

  • Optimise available space to maximize shipping content
  • Reduce environmental and carbon footprint
  • Decrease the cost of freight by increasing shipping volume
  • Remove the need for pallets in the logistics process – save space.

Common Sizes


  • 1235mm x 1155mm x 0.9mm thick – Standard Pallet
  • 1080mm x 1280mm x 0.9mm thick
  • 1130mm x 1300mm x 0.9mm thick
  • 1295mm x 2300mm x 0.9mm thick – Double Dairy

New Zealand

  • 1200mm X 1360mm x 0.9mm thick
  • 1155mm x 1235mm x 0.9mm thick
  • 1250mm x 1150mm x 0.9mm thick


Astron’s recycled slip sheets are a load-base alternative to wooden and plastic pallets. Slip sheets are used in conjunction with a push-pull unit. This unit can be easily retrofitted to a standard forklift within minutes.

Product is stacked on the slip sheets exactly as on pallets. To on-load, the push-pull unit grips/clamps the edge of the loaded sheet and drags it onto a metal plate fixed to the fork-lift.

The push-pull unit has very flat ground level forks that are designed to go under the load. To off-load, the unit gently pushes the sheet and product, while the forklift backs away. This enables the loaded slip sheet to slide off in place.