Astron sustainability now offers an online collection service:

To arrange collection of your IBCs, please complete the form to lodge ticket for collection:

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    IBC Order

    *Terms & Conditions:

    • The shipper declares that the IBCs meet the following requirements:
    1. IBCs are in a re-usable condition.
    2. IBC’s are fully empty
    3. IBC are free from outside contamination.
    4. All openings are hermetically closed with original lids, valves and caps.
    5. The last filling good is clearly indicated on IBC labels, hazmat identification and dangerous good labelling and above ‘Contents Description’ details are completed and legible.
    6. If the last filling good was toxic, flammable, carcinogenic, mutagenic or excessively hazardous or smelling, the IBCs have been neutralised so as not dangerous to workers.
    7. No other products than those indicated have been filled into the IBCs.
    8. MSDS are available and will be submitted on request.
    9. Min 4 IBC collection in metro areas
    10. Collection requests in non-metro areas are considered on a case basis
    11. Max collection period – 30 days
    • If the IBCs do not meet these conditions, Astron is authorised to:
    1. Reject pick-up of non-confirming IBCs or return them to the sender at the sender’s cost.
    2. Charge the emptier for the disposal of product residues or non-reusable IBCs (call 1300 797 326 for current charges).
    3. Charge incremental freight expenses for pick-ups where the number collected does not match the number on the collection request.