Waste collection

Astron collects plastic waste throughout Australasia. All plastic scrap entering an Astron facility is weighed and inspected by experienced operators and graded by polymer type. Material is taken through extensive processing resulting in the creation of single polymer type resin in various melt flow index’s (MFI) such as HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene.

Astron’s incoming waste is from industrial & post consumer sources. This enables Astron to achieve the highest levels of quality and conformity in its recycled resin.
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Examples of waste processed include:

  • Hard to recycle industrial plastic packaging such as jerrycans, drums & IBCs.
  • Post-consumer milk bottle.
  • Plant pots, pipe & used wheelie bins.

This material is put through an intensive cleaning and washing process prior to conversion into recycled plastic resin.

Astron also produce a number of other recycled resins (HIPS, ABS, PC etc.) in smaller volumes, please click here contact your nearest office for details.

What can recycled resin be re-made into?

Astron’s recycled resin is used in producing the following products throughout Australia and New Zealand:

  • Polyethylene irrigation pipe.
  • Drainage systems.
  • Manual handling equipment. Bins, Tubs, Creates.
  • Pot plants
  • Bar Chairs for the construction industry.
  • Film
  • Air-conditioning ducts.
  • Communication pits.
  • Injection moulded components.
  • Household Garbage bins. (Wheelie Bin)